Junto Local 114 is a collectively-run lending library which provides rare, radical, and relevant political materials to all. We feel it is vital to see ourselves reflected in print, to provide a forum for alternative information and lifestyles, to challenge what we have been spoon-fed, to share the skills and knowledge we need to live our chosen lives to the fullest and to inspire ourselves and others to action.

We have materials covering: Gender, Health, Sexuality, Alternative Education, Queer, Indigenous Struggles, Central and South America, Developing World, Anarchism, Radicalism and Direct Action, Do-It-Yourself, Ecology, Radical Oppression, Media Analysis, Socialism, New Afrikan Struggles, Food Issues, Animal Liberation, Foreign Policy, Cuba, Socialism, Poetry, Radical Fiction, Labour, Kid’s Books, Art and Revolution, Cooperative Board Games.

We have a branch “Little Free Library” shelf at the Daniel McIntyre St Matthews Community Association offices at 823 Ellice which we call our Local 823.               And we have just opened another shelf at the Resource Assistance for Youth offices at 125 Sherbrook – we’ll call it Local 125!